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Q: Disabled Housing Issue
I suffer from post polio syndrome, I have just recently come out of hospital after having both legs operated on, I will be wheelchair bound for between 3 to 6 months depending if the operations are successful. I am in temporary accommodation at present and my housing association want to put me back into my permanent flat which is totally unsuitable as there is no wheelchair access to enter and once inside no access to any of the rooms, which means I will be a prisoner.

I have contacted my local social services and also tried to contact their OT department with the view of being accessed, I am in a terrible rush, as I need this to be done before the Eviction order comes into force.

I also have a carer living here so I need 24/7 assistance; my other property is only a two bed so I will have no room for a carer as my youngest son lives with me as well.

I really need to contact an OT to see if I can be accessed ASAP.

If you could be of any assistance would appreciate it

Thank You

Kind Regards

Glynis Walker

A: Contact your local social services department immediately for help. They can help you with your housing issues.