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I am trying to find the replacement costs for various items to include in a report. Does anyone know of any credible source of information?

I am working with a group of OT's at the moment to try to standardise the content of reports. One of our tasks is to provide standardised replacement costs for items based on our professional judgement. Meantime if you or anyone else finds a standardised source then please let me know.

If anyone wants to contribute to our process then please contact Julie at boxnum 1242

A list of itemised equipment will be emailed to you. You will be asked to put in a replacement time for every item. On return of the spreadsheet your quantification will be added to the total and a full list returned with a collective replacement cost added. We will also list the range i.e. from 2-5 or 10-15 years.

To participate you must be either:
1. An OT working in private practice, consultancy etc with experience of costing in for equipments.
2. A manufacturer of equipment.
3. A purchaser of equipment e.g. for a central equipment store.
4. A nurse (we will accept opinions on Nursing equipment).
5. A physiotherapist (we will accept opinions on mobility and lifting and handling equipment)
6. A case manager who is responsible for supplying equipment for a client.

Q: I am currently undertaking research on the experiences of people who rehabilitate burns patients. I would be extremely interested in any information you may have in relation to this topic.

Yours sincerely


A: OT's help with activities of daily living, discharge, splintage, pressure garments and cosmetic camouflage.

There is no COT specialist section for OTís working in Burns but there are for orthotics, work and A&E and you may find some OTís there who have recent experiences of treating burns. Look at the COT website. There are OT's who work at Regional Burns Units so try there.

You did not mention what particular aspect you are researching so try to be specific when you make contact with the OT's.

Q: One-off designs

Do you know of anyone who can adapt or make a one-off piece of equipment?


A national registered charity called REMAP has for more than 30 years provided one-off technical aids which help disabled people of all ages to enjoy a better lifestyle. Every aid is given free of charge to the user.

REMAP operates through a network of 1,500 volunteers. The professional engineers, technicians, and craftspeople - along with medical and paramedical staff from community services and hospitals - all belong to 100 panels (groups) linked to regions across the UK.

It engineers think 'green' when it comes to choosing materials for the job. A lawn mower, defunct dishwasher or spare parts will, in skilled hands, often become a component of aids that open up new horizons for many hundreds of disabled people.