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Q: How do I find out more about OT?
A: Continue to look through the sites on the internet. UCAS has details of courses that are available. Contact the College of OT (professional association of OT).
Q: I don't think I could be an OT but would like to do something
similar, is this possible?

A: Yes. Many OT's, physiotherapists and speech therapists have
assistants working for them. I had a helper when I worked in hospital and in the community. Many social services departments have staff who are not qualifed who carry out assessments under the supervision of an OT.

These jobs are rare and there are often many applications for one job.

Q: re:occupational therapist
I just wanted to know the nature of the occupational therapy training course for initial registration.

A: The UCAS site lists 28 courses that currently offer Occupational Therapy. I suggest you start there, as this will give you a good indication of entry requirements and course content. Alternatively search for OT+course+content+uk in one of the major search engines e.g. Google. This will give you several University sites to look at e.g. Salford

I strongly suggest that you arrange to visit an OT department before you consider applying.

The College of OT provides information leaflets so check out this site as well

Q: What qualifications do I need to become an OT?
A: Look at UCAS as entry requirements vary slightly from university to university. The minimum entry requirement tends to be 3 A levels or BTEC/GNVQ equivalent.
Q: Am I too old to train?
A: Hi there,

i am in my 4th year at university studying occupational therapy. I believe that my more mature peers had many benefits due to life experience due to their age. They were part of our group and truly enjoyed and benefited from the course.

i am only 22 years and would not think twice about doing another course in the future, no matter what age I am. It is a great course and would encourage anyone who is interested in the area to go for it.

Hope this is of some use.