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Q: Work Experience
Hello Julia,

Congratulations on making such a wonderful resource available to the public. I have BSc in Psychology and am interested in pursuing a career in OT. I understand that most Masters programs need for you to have voluntary work experience with an OT. What is the best way to go about getting this? Is it a frequent request that OTs receive from inexperienced yet willing members of the public?

Any advice on how to prepare for a career in OT would be greatly appreciated.

All the best.

A: Hi Annabel, I am sorry for not applying sooner. The best way is to choose the location of the course, then to ask the course leaders what type of experience they need. Alternatively ask the College of OT. It may be that related experience, such as working with a particular client group as a volunteer or in a paid capacity may be eligible. It is often hard to find student placements for OTs and some departments/locations will not be able to accommodate you.